Hello, and welcome to Phragmipediumkovachii.com!

My name is Alfredo Manrique, owner of Centro de Jardinería Manrique (CJM) in Lima, Peru, an orchid nursery operating since 1974. Pablo Bermudez,  webmaster of this site, is an orchid grower and member of Club Peruano de Orquídeas, the Peruvian Orchid Society. We, together with some non-Peruvian friends, aim to share our knowledge about Phragmipedium kovachii with the orchid community and provide them with the best PK seedlings

and hybrids. CJM was given the first legal Phragmipedium kovachii collection permit in May 2003 by INRENA, the Peruvian Agency for Natural Resources. Since then we have done everything by the book. Patiently, we have been growing our five legally collected plants into stud plants for seed production.

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